Close up on the Cast

Actually this title is a joke. See programme notes for close-up cast details and watch these blogposts for all the gossip about rehearsing during lockdown – in their own words  – over the next few weeks! But here’s a little more about the characters they’re playing:

The Fairies: Oberon, Fairy King, and Titania, Fairy Queen, are having another  domestic disagreement, one which has thrown the natural world into chaos. Their argument spills over into the mortal world. Puck – Oberon’s mischievous servant – enjoys the chaos, though Moth and Cobweb, Titania’s loyal fairies, are less than impressed with the human they meet…


The Lovers: Demetrius used to love Helena, but now he loves Hermia. Lysander loves Hermia and she loves him. Hermia’s father Egeus thinks she should marry Demetrius, so Hermia and Lysander run away, followed by the angry Demetrius and the hapless Helena. After the fairies intervene, both boys think they’re in  love with Helena… Got all that, and worked out which one is which?!


The Court: Duke Theseus has beaten Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, in battle, and she, as the loser, has to marry him.  Meanwhile, Egeus is also angry because his daughter Hermia is defying him in her choice of man, and he publicly threatens her with death, according to the ancient law of Athens. Theseus needs to get all this sorted out and try to win Hippolyta’s love and respect…


The Mechanicals: This local am-dram group has a play to rehearse – if chosen to perform it on Duke Theseus’ wedding day, they’ll be ‘made men’. Peta Quince is (nominally) in charge and they all revere star actor Bottom, especially young Flute. Covid Warden Snuggit is more concerned about keeping to the rules, and Starveling is bemused and confused by everything.  Will they manage to learn their lines in time? Will they find their way out of the woods, where they go to practise in secret?


The Crew: Here is the skeleton crew employed for this year’s event: one prompt, two directors, and the clever one, Sameera, who filmed it and edited the film, thus making it possible for you all to watch our ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream in Lockdown.’