The Winter’s Tale – June 2023

Here I stand, poised on the brink – the same as three years ago, only with a different play. We were due to start the rehearsal process for A Midsummer Night’s Dream. All that preparation, all that reading, all those hours spent immersed in the play, that wonderful team behind me. Shelved due to lockdown, then resurrected in much-restricted form a year later for the film A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Lockdown. Our whole-cast read-through took place over that new-fangled thing called Zoom, as did many of our rehearsals, and we tentatively met in groups of no more than 6 people in gardens to rehearse.

This then, is my second ‘go’ at directing a production for Wivenhoe Open Air Shakespeare and I’m raring to go. All that prep, all that reading, all those hours spent immersed in the play. Once again, a wonderful team supporting me – and the whole-cast read-through about to happen in a large (and well-ventilated) hall. I’m older, maybe not much wiser, but my levels of excitement and enthusiasm are equally high.

I plan to write about the process, so watch this space for news and info – and don’t miss out on this summer’s hot ticket: The Winter’s Tale at St Mary’s, 20th-24th June 2023!

Helen Chambers, Director